Welcome to the PR Revolution!

August 7, 2019

The best way to describe the difference between advertising and public relations is that you “pay for advertising and you pray for PR!” And these days, you should also pray that your public relations firm understands the invaluable resource that is … Internet Marketing! We do. Even more important is your online reputation.  At Drummond Public Relations LLC we monitor your reputation to assure that any issues that may arise can be handled immediately. Headshot small
Drummond Public Relations LLC is a Houston, Harris County based firm specializing in convergence marketing. We serve clients in Hawaii, California, Houston, Richmond, Rosenberg and Southeast Texas. We leverage our knowledge and connections within, traditional media to complement our Online Marketing campaigns. It has been said that customers tell an average of three people about a product they like, but eleven people about a product they don’t like; that’s word-of-mouth. Viral marketing is word-of-mouth times a hundred, a thousand, a million; and it all happens in an instant… Online. Drummond Public Relations can help you create that viral marketing ‘buzz’.
social mediaModern social marketing targets existing social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Goggle +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) social bookmarking sites (Delicious, Digg, Reddit, etc.) and social shopping sites (Kaboodle, Zebo, ProductWiki, etc.) to generate positive, pervasive exposure for your product. Strategic, content-driven posts to these sites and dozens of key blogs can increase your ‘buzz’ on the Web. Among other things, that ‘buzz’ manifests itself in the form of higher placement in searches. At Drummond Public Relations, we look forward to positioning you properly in the marketplace.